MAKING SACRIFICE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRYNIGERIA A SEMINAR TALK DELIVERED MARKING THE LAITY WEEK AT ST PETER’SCHAPLAINCY UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, NSUKKABY PROFESSOR NKADI ONYEGEGBU DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA,NSUKKA 1 177 INTRODUCTION Beloved brothers and Sisters in CHRIST, Good evening and Praise Be to our Lord Jesus Christ now and forever.I will like to start by thanking the risen Spirit of our LordJesus Christ for opening HIS door of Grace for us all to witness today for this special act, we thank HIM, Oh Lord.TITLE: MAKING SACRIFICE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA Talk OUTLINE Explain two scary words: Sacrifice and Nigeria in the topic. Cite some examples and use some illustrations where possible. Being a teacher and a researcher I quickly had to conduct a small survey through interview to elicit some information formation /answers to the topic. Responses from people interviewed Draw conclusions from the responses  A plead to a particular group in St Peter’s chaplaincy. 2 MEANING OF SACRIFICE NOUN:An act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering to a possession of an offering to a deity.Christ offering himself in the crucifixion verb. Give up something valued for the sake of other considerations . Giving up here means abandon, surrender,forgo, renounce, forfeit, relinquish, resign, sign away, yield.A lost for something you give up, usually for the sake of abetter cause. Eg.A mother forgoes her time and sleep to take care of her children . A mother uses her liters and liters of tears to irrigate love,patience, tolerance, accommodation for her children. A mother forgoes/gives up almost everything to become most outstanding: teacher, helper, Encourager and role model to her children and husband.Is she making sacrifice for her country Nigeria?Other Examples of Small sacrifices.Small ways that individuals make sacrifices for others, athomes, hostels, schools, local communities like St Peter’s3 Chaplaincy, the Altar girls forfeiting their hours and hours oftime to decorate the Altar, regional and then national. Terms of Sacrifices: These can be seen in form of sacrificeof Soldiers. Immigration Officers, Police men on risky highways, Relief Workers in NE, Medical Workers –Ebola,Fire Fighters, Etc. We also have suicidal sacrifice and people who kill themselves for a religious cause. --- Boko Haram, ISIS OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA The current population of Nigeria is 195,136,671 as ofSaturday, May 12, 2018, based on the latest United Nationsestimates. The median age in Nigeria is 17.9 years. With this topic, we will not focus too much Nigeria asan entity, a structure and a commodity for everyone. Rather,we use this analogy of a GIANT, BIG TREE to illustrate Nigeria. Now describe the big tree….fruits, leaves, flowers,branches, stem/trunks and the ROOTS. Describe the ROOTS. As people of Nigeria Functions of the roots ….Absorption of water andinorganic nutrients, anchoring of plant’s body to the groundand supporting it. Also for storage of food and nutrients.RESPONSES FROM THE INTERVIEW4 Mothers, fathers, academic and non-academic staff,students, males and females, religious group and somepupils were interviewed.  You must start from YOU, YOURSELF, work on myself,myself develop my leadership skills and save yourself first.Being persistent, consistent and transparent in all I do. Discipline myself in character and showcase to others.  If you sacrifice truth by standing firm on the part oftruth ie. especially in the present situation our country;Doing the right things even when majority is doing it wrongly, and furthermore, starting it yourself and start fromyour home. Kill ethnicity, Kill tribalism, kill regionalization, paytaxes, electricity bills and Save Patriotism. In so doing I am scarifying to save my country. Stop bribery and segregation and give advice to leaders. By prayers of course. Pro-modeling-by showing good examples, in morals,honesty, justice, fairness and equity. And of course through Divine intervention. Being a musician and activist, I can use my platform tochart what is going on in the country, like Fela did and thepeople will be wakened. Make use of social media to sensitize the grassroots on the need to get their VC and vote for credible leaders,5 promote advocacy to maintain peace and tolerance andeducate people to be responsible. Through Divine Grace I will pray it manifests. As a young person, I will try my best not to be part of tproblem but be part of the solution in the country. Usemy God-given talents and skills to create job opportunitiesfor others especially the youth to minimax crime andcorruption among them. As a pro-life member, distribute charts, pamphlets ondangers of abortion, pre-marital sexual acts, HIV/AIDS andother STDs. In doing so I may save lives and this is asacrifice to save my country. By keeping my surroundings very clean and stoplittering anyhow. This will limit some spread of certaindiseases. I will spend my time advising the youth to engage inmeaningful trades/skills, get self-employed and stay out ofdoing drugs/drug abuse like Codeine addict users. {By theway, there is this latest drug called FLAKKA spreading veryfast in the US. Is a synthetic killer-drug that can alter yourstate of mind. Is more powerful than cocaine and heroincombined together. You take it you start behaving like a reallife zombie.  Praying consistently for our leaders in all works of lifeand God’s mercy and intervention. 6  The last but not the least coming from an eight year old:said the chaplain should use big broom with his big holyhands and sweep the church to remove the dirt, and shouldfast and pray for Nigeria till he gets too old to pray. God willhear his prayers more than anybody and send another Adamand Eve and they will remove Buhari and Nigeria will besaved” My dear brothers and sisters one can go on and on andon. You have the heard the people’s responses. Clear evidences from these responses hinge on over90% on PRAYERS. Prayers are very powerful but cautionmust be exercised as Prayers without support for Actionsmay not lead us anywhere.Summary/Conclusion We should not forget that our whole life is the greatestenterprise to our country and the world and is only you canmake it burst, showcase it and flaunt it.Be you a mother, grandma, father, grandpa, children, males,females, workers, students, youth and even pupils…..startfrom this very moment and be quiet. Ask the Lord to openyour eyes to see the beautiful talents and skills given to youfreely, to open your ears so that you can hear Him direct andchannel it to the appropriate place meant to be, and totouch your heart that you do it with passion, compassion,consistence, and persistence.7 Bring out your special gifts/talents, your eyes, your joy,passion, devotion, time, energy, beauty, mercy, strength,courage, and down to little things you value or cherish, anddo not hold/hood them tightly. Rather, let them loose. Thiscan be illustrated with the relationship of the birds, if theyhold tightly they die, but if they loosen, they fly off. Use yourtalents to make a meaningful impacts on the lives of peoplearound and far from you. This act triggers a snowball effect.This you can start from your homes, schools, hostels,churches, etc. Let it ooze out and be such a strong perfumethat when people perceive it is COUNTAGIOUS andUNSPEAKABLE. [Most of the Altar girls are like that].It is also our Prayer that we must REFUSE to bury thebeautiful talents that GOD has blessed us with so we canuse them to save our country. Before I end, I have a PLEAD to make and this is to theNFCSers to drive our points home.WHY this group particular? Because I respect and love them,I am not measuring, weighing, o judging or wanting them butI will needle them as I strongly feel is ok to shake it up andtell it as it.They are the most leading group in St Peters UNNCommunity, greater in number, blessed with many talents ofdifferent shapes, sizes and colors; very dynamic group, fullof energy/vitality, very creative, very innovative and aboveall NOT LAZY.8 Is high time they pull together their talents, gifts and skillsas a leading group of St. Peter’s UNN community andperform miracles in St Peter’s Surrounding. EG. Remove thetrash Beams before the gate of the Holy ground of thechurch, control the terrible traffic before and after eachmass and synergize your energy on how to keep the churchsurrounding clean. In doing these, you are sacrificing tosave St Peter’s and invariably the country.My dear brothers and sisters in Christ.There is no Sacrifice any one on earth can make than thedeath on the Cross by Our Savior Jesus Christ. No single individual sacrifice can save our country Nigeria.If we use our talents effectively and efficiently in doing littlethings, touching and impacting meaningfully on the lives ofpeople around us with success, we will not only save ourdear country Nigeria, but we will be SITTING, STANDING,WALKING, RUNNING AND SINGING WITH OUR LORD JESUSCHRIST.Thank you for listening and praise be to our Lord JesusChrist.Prof. Nkadi Onyegegbu 9

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